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Salubris Pure Organic:
Now a days food we are eating is having many dangerous residues of pesticide & insecticide. Many health problems are increasing day by day, like Cancer, Blood pressure, sugar(Diabetes), abnormalities in new born babies. This is problem of harmful residues in soil & in food. It is like playing with our health & nature.

We the group of Organic Farmers who are working in Agriculture since 10-15 years we are taking care of land by avoiding dangerous fertilizers & pesticides. First Mrs. Swati Arvind Shingade started working in Organic Farming at Baramati, she is M.Sc in Agriculture, but had different training for Organic Farming from different states like Gujarat, Nainital, Bangalore, Pune (Maharashtra) and found that we need to come together with group of farmers. She started training programmes & lectures for farmers and with the help of ATMA (Maharashtra Agriculture Department) for formation of farmer’s group of 50-50 each at Baramati. All farmers are very much interested in Organic Farming
2-3 years training and field visit regarding preparation of organic inputs like insecticide, pesticide & nutritional supplement for crop learned by group of our farmers & finally ready for Organic Farming efficiently.


After quality growing we found that we must come together, farmers from different area of Maharashtra & Goa and we need to collect organic produce with speciality of that area like Indrayani rice from Maval, spices from Goa, Jawar from Solapur, also we feel necessity of women involvement in our work to give better economy and income to dry region women, so we gave processing activities to women group like preparation of different flours, pulses by women so we launched brand of farmers that is “Salubris Pure Organic” and started joining farmers who are organic growers from different parts of Maharashtra & Goa. Now we had all licening, documentary packaging with excellent quality organic produce with us. Most important thing is our “Salubris Pure Organic” brand is our produce is direct Farmer to Consumer serving, no middle man or chain, that’s how our products are less in price as compared to other Organic brands in market.

Most noted reason for quality of “Salubris Pure Organic” is in own hand i.e our organic growers. We have farms open for our valuable customer to have a look how we grow all the crops & produce. We allow our valuable customers to visit our farms & feel confident about “Salubris Pure Organic”

Now we have around 500 farmers with us from different parts of Maharashtra & Goa and also valuable families from Pune & Mumbai who takes benefits of home delivery system of Organic produce.

Our farmers are Award Winners in Agriculture, they have very much love and care about their Agriculture land, but we don’t want to cry for farming & loss in Agriculture and ups & downs in farming, that is only the reason we took small step for good economy for the farmers
& quality organic produce with trust to our valuable customers by direct “Farmers to Consumer” chain, so be a part of our Organic Mission & say welcome to Healthier Life.

Farm Group and Farmers Company :
In the view of improvement in sale of produced goods for getting better rates, we make a group of taluka level farmers group by registered name ‘Baramati Farmers Producers Co. Ltd.’ and with this we also setl other farmers produced goods in different areas like society, hotels and different mall also.


Organic Movement :

Now a days, as there is high use of chemical fertilizer, spoil of fertilize land and high illness of human health,’by considering all this, the 50 village farmers are making group are registered under Maharashtra Agriculture department (ATMA) by name “Pure Organic Farmers Group’ and also by considering this t·hey want to move in future with “Organic movement” with the help of Agriculture department, in my farm differentty pes of practical and educational teachings are started.

From last 3 years, I went different states to get organic training before starting of organic movement and the same is passing to farmers to the best of my level. regarding organic, I desire to save my country. In between this, I visited Nainital, Gujrat, Sikkim, Maharashtra States to collect information and training for organic farming . I developed these technologies in my farm and the same is given to farmers. To control the spoil of fertile land and high illness of human health I started this organic movement. I feel proud and satisfaction for doing this.


Employing of Locality Women:
Locality women are getting how things to learn. They are doing systematically flower cutting and packageing.


Our Team


Mrs. Swati Arvind Shingade

CEO : Pure Organic

Qualification : M. Sc. Agri (Bio-Chemistry)
Email : swatishingade@gmail.com
Telephone No.: 020-27 124560 / 9763143333

Establishment of Abhinav prapti farmers club

As the villagers are using traditional method of farming, we started this club and joi ned the villagers in this club as members and started using new techniques for working persistently using hitech farming.