• Sonakaswadi, Shingade Farms, Gat No. 57, Post. Pandase, Tal. Baramati, Dist. Pune - 413 110

Following subject are now a days running in “Hi-Tech Project”:
In 2.5 Acre (1 Hector) Carnation, Rose, Jarbera, Chrysanthemums in Green House & in open land 16 Ha. Area Under Organic Farming were cereal, pulses, vegetables, Sugarcane in grown here & Organic Jaggry, Liquid Jaggry production is going on in Farm.

Total Area used for Agriculture :
Green House : 2.5 Acre (1 Ha.)
Sugarcane : 20 Acre (8 Ha.)
Grains, Pulses : 10 Acre (4 Ha.)
Fodder Crop : 5 Acre (2 Ha.)
Dry: 2.5 Acre (1 Ha.)


“Last Three years major area used for Crops &
Hector Production”

1 Hector Polyhouse Floriculture

Approxi mately Annual Product ion 20 Lak h Flowers.

Price : Rs. 3/- to 3.5/- per flower Approxi mately 60 Lakh Production.


Sugarcane Farm 16 Acre

Annual Production

65 to 70 ton (Per Acre)


Organic Wheat Farm 5 Acre

Annual Production

16-17 Quintal per Acre Production


White Onion 1 Acre

Annual Production

1.5 Ton Per Acre Production


Jawar 2 Acer :
17 Quintal Per Acre

Organic Ginger in 1 Acre :
July 2016 – 2017 Cultivation

Bajari (Millet) 2 Acre :
July 2017 Cultivation

Organic Sugarcane for Jaggry Production :
20 Acre (8 Ha.)

Irrigation System Facility
Well – 5, Borewell – 2,

Farm Pond – 50 Lakh Liter,

Water Tank – 1 (65 Thousand Liter) Water Tank – 1 (70 Thousand1 Liter) for Greenhouse. All farm 16 Ha. is having drip irrigation and automisati,on System.


Technology :
40 Acre Under Drip irrigation with high capacity two water tank and automisation system.


Use of Technology :
All farm related works are managed through automisation and semi-automisat ion system, Power Tiller,Tractor and Flower grading machines are used.


Sale of Produced Goods :

Every yearwe produce sugarcane, Organic Corn, Jawar/Mil let, white Onion & wheat, Same like this, using Organic inputs and biological methods sugarcane and greenhouse production is done. Also cow mancer, goat mancer, poultry mancer and other biological fertilizer are used. From Calcutta Chemical tests are done for produced white onions, sugarcane, jaggry, these are 100°/o organic & all land is certifiedfrom PGS,NOC, Krishicert fororganic produce marketing.


Use of Technology :

Using of Mobile, E-mail, Mobile Starter motor operation, atomisation, fertilization, CC Camera at farm, like this giving 18 hour artificial lights provide for chrysanthemums like flowers produced· in Greenhouse.


Photo Gallery :